Smart Renewable Plant

How “Orion – An AI Platform” can predict failures and convert your renewable plant from reactive to proactive using the strength of big data analytics, machine learning, and deep industry expertise?

Sustainability is the call for the hour and carbon free renewable energy sources such as wind & solar are playing a major part in combating climate change by providing cleaner air/water & greener environment. In order to ensure that these technologies reach full potential, various IoT solutions backed by AI/ ML capabilities are helping power plants to improve up-time of assets, predict the energy generation, optimize entire O&M and effectiveness of asset management.

With this blog we will try to understand how BLP & it’s inhouse technologically driven platform “Orion” are aiding owners in digitization of power plants by streamlining their operations, mitigating the risk of asset failures & achieving maximum revenue.

Bharat Light & Power Pvt Ltd (BLP Group) started by Tejpreet Singh Chopra (Ex CEO- GE Asia) is one of the leading renewable energy generation and technology companies in India with over 2.5 gigawatt of capacity under its belt & global presence in 10+ countries. We also provide distributed solar solutions to large corporates, industries and institutions in India. Our focus industries include Renewables, Manufacturing, Automotive, Steel, Oil & gas, Shipping etc.

Our journey to become one of the most energy efficient power producer and technology companies started in 2011 when one of our own wind turbines in India burned down to ashes leaving us oblivious of the reasons. Having deep domain expertise in the global renewable industry we developed a technology driven platform “Orion” to make sure that a disaster like this can be avoided in the future

Through Orion, we drive productivity (machine uptime, cycle time reduction, output etc), reduce generation costs, improve energy efficiency, and improve quality by applying our proprietary algorithms, AI, and failure prediction models.  etc. 

In our control centre in Bangalore we leverage big data, the cloud, mobility and advanced analytics to help customer’s build smarter operations. Our forte lies in our cutting-edge AI/ ML technology and advanced analytics capabilities that help optimize operations & allow smarter decision making. We help organisations build a smart plant by collecting data, cleansing the data, applying analytics and providing actionable insights to improve productivity & safety of plant.

Live metrics and tools can empower plant operators by providing quick support and consistent decision-making, Orion has a suite of flexible & scalable inhouse applications based on the customer need and requirement: –

  1. Pulse – Real-time monitoring capability featuring dashboards and operational KPIs to measure and improve performance
  2. Publish – Automated, timely, and customised reports that provide information at the click of a button
  3. Cognito – Transform data from varied sources into actionable intelligence by employing big data analytics and cognitive computing. Proprietary inbuilt AI/ ML models
  4. Workflow – Instant notifications that facilitate effective communication across the organisation, improving response time and asset performance
  5. Predicto – Accurate energy generation forecasts for regulatory compliance and operations planning
  6. Archive – One-stop-shop for access to information and documents anytime, anywhere
  7. Energy Efficiency – IoT sensors to collect, analyze and translate energy data into information that can be used to make dynamic, educated, actionable decisions that will improve energy efficiency
Orion Analytics Solutions – Renewables

BLP Aims to empower asset owners by providing a scalable AI platform to leverage their farm data and turn that into actionable insights whilst giving a competitive edge and driving value. The journey to sustainability is long one but with applying such technologies we are taking the first step to ensure a better and greener ecosystem for the coming generations. At BLP we do our bit. To learn more about our array of services and strengths please visit

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