Smart Manufacturing

How “Orion” is revolutionizing industrial productivity & machine performance through Artificial intelligence, Machine learning & IOT ?

Advancement in technology is helping companies to bring down labour costs, reduce product defects, shorten unplanned downtimes, improve transition times and increase productivity. Major companies are making hefty investments in the so called “Smart Manufacturing/Generation” & “Industry 4.0 Solutions” backed by AI/ ML Capabilities to catch up to the digitization trend. With this blog we will try to understand the hype created around these buzzwords and how our inhouse platform Orion , can help your company be part of the digitization era.

“Smart Manufacturing”/ “Industry 4.0” refers to the new phase in Industrial revolution that focuses on automation, interconnectivity, machine learning & real time data which helps create a holistic & better-connected ecosystem for companies. The global smart manufacturing market will be well over $200 billion this year and will increase to over $320 billion by 2020 having a projected compound annual growth rate of 12.5 percent. ( Source : Trendforce )

Aiding organizations to be a part of this industrial revolution, is a company started by Tejpreet Singh Chopra ( Ex CEO -GE Asia) whose vision is to be the world’s technology leader in improving asset performance & energy efficiency through big data analytics. Bharat Light & Power Pvt Ltd (BLP Group) is one of the leading renewable energy generation and technology companies in India. Our focus industries include Renewables, Manufacturing, Automotive, Steel , Oil & gas, Shipping etc.

Through our inhouse “Orion” platform, we provide monitoring, reporting and predictive intelligence solutions across industries all over the globe. Through our control centre in Bangalore, India, we  leverage big data, the cloud, mobility and advanced analytics to help customers build smarter operations. Our forte lies in our cutting-edge AI/ ML technology and advanced analytics capabilities that help optimize operations & allow smarter decision making. We help organisations build a smart plant by collecting data, cleansing the data , applying analytics and providing actionable insights to improve productivity & safety of plant/factory, all backed up by the safe and secure GCP Platform

Live metrics and tools can empower smart-factory operators by providing quick support and consistent decision-making, allowing to run assets by filtering through the “noise” of production data to provide more relevant data and drive actionable insight. Orion has a suite of flexible & scalable inhouse applications based on the customer need and requirement: –

  1. Data Collection and Machine Integration              
  2. Smart Analytics
  3. Energy Efficiency             
  4. Improved Productivity and Cost Reduction          
  5. Rotating Machines Excellence   
  6. Tracking & Traceability  
  7. Video Analytics & Image Processing        
  8. Electrical Drives – Next generation in predictive intelligence         

With the inevitable transition from a traditional factory to a smart factory, “Orion” seeks to prepare your organisation for the future of industrial productivity by leveraging big data, sensors, smart devices etc and give a competitive edge while driving value. 

To learn more about our array of services and strengths please visit

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