Advanced Tracking & Tracing

How does ‘Orion’- An AI Driven IOT platform help companies monitor / Assess their assets and employees anywhere by providing end to end tracking and tracing solutions ? We, at BLP, have developed Resource Tracking Solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications that provide end to end tracking and tracing. We use Bluetooth… Continue reading Advanced Tracking & Tracing

Smart Renewable Plant

How “Orion – An AI Platform” can predict failures and convert your renewable plant from reactive to proactive using the strength of big data analytics, machine learning, and deep industry expertise? Sustainability is the call for the hour and carbon free renewable energy sources such as wind & solar are playing a major part in… Continue reading Smart Renewable Plant

Smart Manufacturing

How “Orion” is revolutionizing industrial productivity & machine performance through Artificial intelligence, Machine learning & IOT ? Advancement in technology is helping companies to bring down labour costs, reduce product defects, shorten unplanned downtimes, improve transition times and increase productivity. Major companies are making hefty investments in the so called “Smart Manufacturing/Generation” & “Industry 4.0 Solutions”… Continue reading Smart Manufacturing