Advanced Tracking & Tracing

How does ‘Orion’- An AI Driven IOT platform help companies monitor / Assess their assets and employees anywhere by providing end to end tracking and tracing solutions ?

We, at BLP, have developed Resource Tracking Solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications that provide end to end tracking and tracing. We use Bluetooth based locators to detect the position of the BLE tags (fitted to assets) within defined ranges. The solutions include the Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) based on BLE and the Omni Tracking System (OTS) based on GPS and Video Camera Analytics.


Much like Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a form of short range wireless communication that operates at 2.4GHz. However, unlike its counterpart, it has lower power consumption and data transmission rates. It is used in situations where there is a focus on battery life and smaller packets of data.

Intelligent Positioning System

IPS is applied in areas where there is no availability of Line of Sight to the GPS satellites. For example, it can be used in the manufacturing industry to track resources or in office spaces for locating different departmental areas.

Our IPS offerings support two kinds of tracking solutions, Asset Position System (APS) and Asset In Out (AIO).

a) Asset Position System

As the name suggests, APS is used to locate the positions of assets within any given floor maps. This is done by using BLE beacons as transmitters along with a BLE gateway as a locator.

Short range gateways have a range of 30meters in its line of sight and an accuracy of 1 meter. Being based on BLE, the beacon has a battery life in the range of 6 months to 2.5 years that depends on the customisable transmission rate between 100ms and 5000ms. The device can be incorporated with Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Humidity, Hall and Temperature sensors and also has a provision to add many other sensors.

We also have an industrial grade wide range BLE beacon that has the same capabilities as aforementioned with a larger range of up to 300 meters and an improved accuracy of below 1 meter. The beacon also has an IP 67 rating with a drop protection of 2 meters and a temperature range of -20˚C to 60˚C. It has the same transmission rate and a battery life of 2-3 years, depending on the transmission rate.

b) Asset In Out

AIO is used to track resources using BLE tags and gateways. The asset can be monitored by dividing a floor map into different zones by using BLE based geofencing. The tags also have the ability to trigger an alarm and inform the supervisor if they enter geofenced areas that are marked ‘restricted’ or ‘hazardous’.

With the help of this, we can find the footfalls of the assets across all zones using their in and out timings. The collected data can then be used to calculate the time spent in each of the zones and thus, analyse the performance of the assets. Metrics like wasted time productivity and total productive time can be found, along with analysis on movement patterns over days, weeks or even over the whole year.

One application of AIO is to help in Resource Management. A manufacturing plant can be divided into multiple zones using geofencing. By making use of the time spent in various zones, metrics like wasted time, productivity and total productive time can be found. Along with this, analysis on movement patterns over days, weeks or even over the whole year can be performed on the data. The data for each asset can then be directly compared to the others and be used while evaluating the performance of the asset.

Omni Tracking System

OTS is a solution that is based on GPS and Camera Analytics. This can be deployed globally and can be used to track assets over very large horizons as also inside the premises of factories or workspaces.

This solution works using a combination of Camera Analytics and GPS monitoring. The cameras take a photo of the number plates of vehicles or other assets and use it to create a log of its movement as well as its in and out times. Cameras inside the facilities use the same method to map the movement of the asset through the facility all the way till it leaves. From here, the device that is provided monitors the location as well as various other parameters like vibration, acceleration, temperature, humidity, altitude, among various others. The device is able to transmit packets of data from the sensors once every 5 minutes and data for the location one in every hour using the GSM protocol. As such, to map the location to the data from the other sensors, the route of the asset can be traced using a map after which the data from the sensors can be mapped onto the extrapolated location.

The device comes with 3 location modes: High, Medium and Low accuracy. High accuracy mode uses GPS, medium accuracy mode uses Wi-Fi and low accuracy mode uses GPRS. The battery is also affected by the modes, ranging between 90 – 365 days. Potential applications include tracking assets like trucks, train carriages and shipment containers.


Our Tracking Solutions enable the customer to fully monitor their assets and employees anywhere. With the accurate and reliable tracking and condition monitoring of the Omni Tracking System and the tracking provided by the Intelligent Positioning System where GPS cannot fulfil the requirement, BLP helps in improving the life time, productivity and optimisation of the assets.

BLP is able to provide provisions for both indoor and outdoor tracking with their Resource Tracking Solutions. They are able to distinctly identify and track any asset and do analytics and obtain reliable findings otherwise unavailable through human analysis.

Implementation of these solution helps in making the industry highly sustainable, productive and efficient.

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